Cosmetic Teeth Whitening

Bronze Anytime Cosmetic Teeth Whitening

You are just minutes away from a brilliantly whiter smile. Bronze Anytime cosmetic teeth whitening system features state-of-the-art teeth whitening technologies that are safe, industry-unique and very cost-effective. Our patent-pending blue light emission LED light systems are calibrated precisely for optimal activation of our exclusive Beaming White whitening gel solution. The entire cosmetic teeth whitening process is accelerated and able to be completed in just 15 to 60 minutes! Safe Self Applied paint on system Inexpensive, No sensitivity, gagging or heat.

Beaming White, the fastest and most effective teeth whitening system, is now available in a relaxed environment at the most affordable price.  Whether its coffee, tobacco, red wine, or just the effects of time that have stained your teeth, our professional teeth whitening system guarantees you a beaming white smile in minutes.


Single Session $99  $49

Double Session $149 $59

Triple Session $199 $69

It’s fast, convenient, and available 24×7.


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Q – Does teeth whitening work?

Yes, teeth whitening does work on natural teeth that have experienced some surface and/or subsurface stains from eating, drinking or smoking things that leave stains on or in the tooth enamel. Most of our customers have been very pleased with their results from our home whitening products as well as our products for professional use.

Q – How long does teeth whitening last?

Average results for peroxide-based whitening gels last 6 months to 1 year and this also depends entirely upon your own tooth enamel and on your habits.

Q- Does it hurt?

Most people experience absolutely no sensitivity with Beaming White products. Only a handful of the thousands of people who used our Deluxe Home Whitening Kit (with 36% carbamide peroxide gel) have reported any tooth sensitivity or gum irritation. And less than 5% reported tooth sensitivity or gum irritation from our Advanced Kit – which is for professional use only and contains 16% hydrogen peroxide gel.

Less than 1% of our customers reported experiencing an allergic type of reaction to our peroxide-based whitening gel. An allergic reaction can be painful and even cause blisters. This risk is included in the warnings on all our of products with peroxide-based gels. If this happens to you, discontinue use immediately and, if desired, see your dentist or physician about methods to help the skin heal faster. We recommend applying pure vitamin e oil to the irritated parts of the mouth.

People with gum disease might experience irritation because their gum tissues are not healthy. Only use whitening products if your gums don’t bleed when you floss.

People with tiny cracks in their tooth enamel, any stage of dental carries, or very thin or porous enamel might experience tooth sensitivity from peroxide-based whitening gels. If this happens to you, discontinue use and see your dentist if desired. Minerals Enamel Booster, as well as the remineralizing and desensitizing gel that comes in some of our kits, does help with tooth sensitivity.

Q- How many shades whiter?

This depends entirely on the person. It is a natural whitening that will get you to your natural tooth color. Average results are 4-8 shades.

Q- How long does it take?

The Beaming White System is one to three applications of 10-15 minutes each, so it’s less than an hour to a Beaming White smile! Our home whitening kits deliver professional results at home, but it just takes longer. You will need to use the kit once or twice a day, without skipping, for up to 10 days. You leave the gel on the teeth for at least 30 minutes with each application. The longer you go, the better the results! Be sure to finish any whitening treatment with an application of Minerals Enamel Booster to seal in results and strengthen tooth enamel.

Q – Does laser teeth whitening work?

Our business customers that use Beaming White products to perform laser teeth whitening services keep buying our products because they DO work. They tell us that their customers are very pleased with the results. So, yes, laser teeth whitening DOES work – especially if you ask for Beaming White products!


Please read and follow these precautions for all of our home whitening products…
Keep out of reach of children.
Not for use by children under the age of 12.
Do NOT use if pregnant or lactating, if teeth or gums are not healthy, or if you are allergic to any of the ingredients. If in doubt, please check with your dental professional.
Do not swallow more than usual amount. If more than usual amount is swallowed, get medical help immediately.
If gum irritation or tooth sensitivity occur, stop using the product and consult your dentist.
Avoid contact with eyes. If eye contact occurs, wipe off and rinse well with water.
Effective only on natural teeth.
If irritation is extremely sore or blisters develop, you may be experiencing an allergic reaction. Consult dentist or doctor right away.


The following are the typical side effects of an at-home or professional teeth whitening treatment. Please be aware of these before attempting any teeth whitening treatment.


Although uncommon, some people can experience some tooth sensitivity called “zingers” during the first 24 – 48 hours after the whitening treatment. People with existing sensitivity, recently cracked teeth, micro-cracks, open cavities, leaking fillings, or other dental conditions that cause sensitivity may find that these conditions increase or prolong tooth sensitivity after the treatment. If you experience tooth sensitivity after the treatment, you can use Sensodyne™ toothpaste to ease the discomfort. Brush your teeth with this toothpaste until tooth sensitivity goes away.

If you have tooth sensitivity do not begin with your touch-up pen treatment at home. Wait until the sensitivity goes away and then begin with the home treatment.


Sometimes the gums will turn white and possibly even sting a little, particularly with a professional teeth whitening treatment. This is called blanching and is very temporary. Rinse well and apply some vitamin e to the irritated gum area (optional). Gums should return to normal within 5-20 minutes. If you have severe irritation, either your gums are not healthy or you could be having an allergic-type of reaction (see below) in addition to the blanching. Stop the treatment immediately and consult your physician if you desire.


After the treatment, it is natural for teeth color to regress somewhat over time. This is normal and should be very gradual, but it can be accelerated by exposing the teeth to various staining agents, such as coffee, tea, tobacco, red wine, colas, citrus drinks and fruits, etc. Do not eat or drink anything except water for the first hour after the treatment because the gel opens the pores of the enamel and makes the teeth very vulnerable to staining agents. If you purchased a touch-up pen or a take-home kit (which is highly recommended in order to avoid color regression) be aware that the pores of your enamel will remain open for as long as you use it so you should refrain from staining agents till you stop using the pen. You can resume your normal habits 24 hours after you conclude the touch-up pen treatment. Also, be aware that drinks and food are not the only things that can stain our teeth when the pores are open; lipstick, for example, can stain too. Do NOT apply lipstick soon after whitening your teeth.


Peroxide-based teeth whitening gels penetrate tooth enamel to lift stains within tooth dentin. This leaves the surface of the tooth enamel temporarily softened and pores open. Teeth are more susceptible to stains and erosion during this time and can also lose minerals at a higher rate during this time. We highly recommend the use of remineralizing gel immediately following a tooth whitening treatment. It is also important to follow instructions for how often it is safe to whiten your teeth, which depends on what type of whitening gel was used. Your dentist is best suited to advise you. Our general maximum use guidelines are:

Hydrogen Peroxide Gel: Once every 6-12 months.
Carbamide Peroxide Gel: Complete treatment once every 3-6 months. Maintenance treatments once a month.
Non-Peroxide Gel: Once a month.


Warning: Most people will experience mild, transient gum and/or lip irritation if the gel is allowed on the lips or gums. However, a very small percentage of people experience an allergic type reaction whether or not the gel touches soft mouth tissue that manifests as burning and blistering of the gums and/or lips. If this occurs, discontinue use immediately, rinse the irritated area well, and consult your doctor or dentist if desired.