Spray Tanning Beginner Tips


What are the benefits of preparing for your professional spray tan? Preparing for your spray tan correctly will ensure that your spray tan turnout Flawless. Here are five fantastic skin preparation before getting a Bronze Anytime bronzed glow:

  1. Shave & Wax 48 hours prior to exfoliation. Shaving 24 hours before your sunless tan will give your pores time to close.
  2. Exfoliate with an Oil-Free Body Scrub or Sunless Pre-tan Exfoliant the night before your appointment. Exfoliation will remove any dead and dry skin. This will provide us with a fresh layer of skin and an even glow.
  3. The Morning of your appointment, shower rinse & Do not use DOVE, DEODORANT SOAPS, MOISTURIZING SOAPS.
  4. Wear NO Products on your skin.  Remove make up and deodorant. If your appointment is after work, Purchase an Ex-mitt for $6. This will prime/prep your skin for your spray tan.
  5. Dress wear.  Wear loose dark clothing. Avoid tight clothing.

Conclusion. The above tanning tips will see you through your first spray tanning session. You should follow all the above-given procedures in order to get the perfect glow you wish for. Spray tanning do not protect you from sunburns. Use SPF as directed to prevent sun burn. Have Questions? Call 215-333-4640

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  1. I always use Spray tan mist during tanning. It is good for skin. make sure your mist product should be natural and non-carcinogenic, no odor, water-based and made with the highest quality DHA. Great post. Thank you for sharing.

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